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Local Customer Spotlight: Atlanta

Local Customer Spotlight: Atlanta

There’s a lot to love about Atlanta. With a reputation for being the home of hip-hop music, the city of trees, and a world-class innovation hub, Atlanta’s local trends frequently gain attention far outside city limits. We’re rounding up 15 of our favorite Squarespace customers in Atlanta that embody the spirit that make this southern hot spot a unique community.





Museum of Design Atlanta

The only museum in the Southeast devoted solely to design, the Museum of Design Atlanta embodies many of the same values that we uphold in our own Squarespace offices. The MODA celebrates design as a creative force that can both inspire change and transform the world around us. From innovative exhibitions, compelling lectures, and a calendar full of educational programming, MODA is definitely worth a visit.

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BRASH Coffee

BRASH takes a meticulous seed-to-cup approach to its coffee offerings. Their process involves sourcing beans directly from farmers they know and trust, and roasting the coffee in its raw state to produce a bold and unique flavor. They then serve it up in their beautiful and accessible cafe.  Through this special method, they’re able to share their inspiration and passion directly with their local community.

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Nine Mile Station

Nine Mile Station

Looking to take your happy hour game to the next level? Consider Nine Mile Station your go-to spot. An elevated beer garden on top of Ponce City Market in the heart of the city, Nine Mile Market is an indoor and outdoor space where you can enjoy craft beers, shareable plates, and classic cocktails with the Atlanta skyline as your backdrop. Primed for your best sunset photoshoot or next date, this spot impresses locals and tourists alike.

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Little Trouble

Little Trouble likens themselves to “Blade Runner,” but in bar form. A step into the future by the team behind Victory Brands, this new neon-lit hotspot is a great place to see and be seen. Order a few items from their Asian street-food inspired menu, pick a creative cocktail, and let the night unfold.

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Skyline Park

Another rooftop pick on our list, Skyline Park brings old-school fun to Midtown Atlanta. Also situated atop Ponce City Market, the park is an updated approach to carnival fun with stunning views of the cityscape. Come for the Skyline Slide, stay for the refreshing Frosé.

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The Ice Kitchen

Borne out of the desire to create a space where visitors can enjoy dessert and lifestyle goods, The Ice Kitchen brings together some of life’s greatest joys: coffee, ice cream, and a shop full of merchandise that is designed in-house or created by local artisans. Daniel and his team roll ice cream with real espresso shots and other unique ingredients to create their own flavors, offer cool pop-ups with other Atlanta brands, and take pride in building their community

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Kimball House

It’s going to be hard not to Instagram your dining experience at Kimball House, a stunning restaurant offering up seasonally inspired food and drink. They have a passion for craft, good service, and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Rumor has it their happy hour is not one to be missed.

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Chrome Yellow Trading Co.

If you like your coffee with a side of creativity, Chrome Yellow Trading Co. is the spot for you. With unique drinks like their chocolate almond cold brew and a high-end retail shop in the back, Chrome Yellow Trading Co. is a great place to people watch or for a caffeine-fueled study session.

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Proof Bakeshop

Proof Bakeshop began as the bakery that created the delicious breads and desserts for Cakes & Ale in Decatur. Now a fully-fledged sister restaurant to Cake & Ale, Proof is an ideal place to stop in for a snack, a coffee, or a heavenly inhale of the sweet scents coming out of the oven.

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Victory Sandwich Bar

Victory Sandwich Bar is known for their $4 sandwiches, “Boozy Coke Slushy”, and general good vibes. Select your sandwich, opt for the popcorn of the day, and grab a spot in their ample outdoor seating to watch the hip Decatur crowd filter in.

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The Daily

Lily Collins combined three things to build The Daily, a Pilates and Endurance Training studio: her degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, her experience working with physical therapists and chiropractors, and her time with loyal private clients. The Daily cultivates a more balanced approach to exercise. With gorgeous sunlit studios and small classes, visitors are treated to a personal approach to help them feel their best.

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Cover Books

There’s just something about a real, physical book. The smell of the paper, the softness of the pages, the notes scribbled in the margins. At Cover Books, an independent bookstore, you’ll find a wide selection of culinary and art books, used and vintage books, comics, and unique gift books. With a friendly staff, beautiful environment, and inspiring events, this shop provides book lovers with a great place to spend an afternoon getting lost in the covers.

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Citizen Supply

Phil Sanders, an Atlanta-based creative entrepreneur, launched Citizen Supply when he recognized a growing demand for high-quality products like jewelry, home goods, and accessories. Originally a pop-up shop that featured local artists, Citizen Supply officially opened in November 2015, and stays true to its desire to connect artists and makers to the people who buy their goods.

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