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Spaces & Places: Exploring L.A.’s Public Art Scene

Spaces & Places: Exploring L.A.’s Public Art Scene

You don’t need to travel far to find inspiration — sometimes it’s there waiting for you in your own backyard. The city of Los Angeles is home to countless artists and public spaces dedicated to encouraging creativity within their community. The streets of L.A. are a testament to this mission, boasting colorful murals, sculpture gardens, and art installations around every corner.

To celebrate L.A. as a city of abundant creativity and culture, we’ve rounded up our favorite public art spaces in addition to a few local Squarespace artists who’ve made their mark on the city in one way or another.



This seemingly endless mural is the brainchild of Judy Baca, who hoped its vastness would capture the myriad of stories held by locals, particularly women and minorities. The mural was created over the course of five summers thanks to 35 artists and 400 youths from the L.A. area.



A L.A. native through and through, Charlie Edmiston’s work embodies the SoCal aesthetic with his use of vibrant colors and patterns. Edmiston’s graphic style and adventurous use of mixed media has earned him notoriety from art communities across the globe.


A warehouse with a mission, Art Share L.A. seeks to support local artists by providing a space to live and work along with classes and exhibition facilities. Art Share opens its doors to the public weekly, allowing non-residents to take advantage of the space’s creative environment.



With studios in New York and L.A., Berto draws inspiration for his murals and paintings from the stark contrast between urban life and nature’s tranquility. His fascination with this balance is apparent in his work, Love Berto, which explores organic themes and bold graphic designs. 


The granite sculptures are tribute to the people of L.A., transforming local faces into guardians as they preside over nearby freeways and rivers. The installation took over seven years to complete and includes a landscape of native plants and leftover stone from the sculptures themselves.

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