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Gifts For...The Coworker Who Got You a Gift You Weren’t Expecting

Gifts For...The Coworker Who Got You a Gift You Weren’t Expecting

Shopping for friends and family tends to get harder with each holiday season, but Squarespace customers are here to help you outdo last year’s gifts. We’ve sourced customers from around the globe that offer products for that niece who’s cooler than you, for the budding astrologist in your life, and more.

Did you miss the Secret Santa deadline? Were you not expecting a present from that coworker you’ve only talked to once? We’ve got you covered with these anytime gifts.


The REDWOOD Candle

Avoid the last minute gift scramble by stocking up on Boy Smells. Founded by David Kien and Matthew Herman in Los Angeles, Boy Smells aims to shatter the misconception that scented candles are girly, and created a line of modern and unique coconut and beeswax candles that everyone can appreciate. We’re loving the redwood scent which combines Indonesian teak, purple sandalwood, char, cedar, and cinnamon to bring your recipient back to a state of calm through smells reminiscent of the great outdoors. Complete with beautiful packaging, this sleek item will complement any home on your list (or those who didn’t make the list).

Boy Smells is powered by our Montauk Template. 


Charcoal Notebook

The Charcoal Notebook from the design studio of Alissa Bell is sure to be universally loved. With a luxuriously rich charcoal cover and gold foiling, this beautifully bound piece is the perfect dream journal, travel diary, sketchbook, or field book. With gorgeous packaging and details, your recipient be so enchanted they won’t even know you forgot.

Alissa Bell is powered by our Avenue Template. 


Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

We come back to Bodha’s products again and again, which encourage their receivers to come back to themselves through the practice of aromatherapy and ritual by Emily L’Ami. The Aromatherapy Eye Pillow in particular is a favorite around our office, as it releases tension around the eyes and calms the mind and spirit with a blend of hand-mixed herbs. Stash some in your desk drawer for a stressed-out coworker, or anyone who might appreciate the art of self care. And with its simple but attractive packaging, you can even skip the gift wrap.

Bodha is powered by our Marta Template. 


The Awesomest Letterpress Card

The ultimate anytime gift, this two-color letterpress card from the studio of Mirely Cabral will show your loved one how you really feel. Skip the greeting card aisle at the supermarket this season and support small business by stocking up on these cards and any of For the Press’s limited-edition holiday cards. Hand-printed on thick cotton paper with thoughtful design, these will go a long way.

For the Press is powered by our Flatiron Template. 


A Porcelain Mug

Native & Co. is a curated shop in London that sources one-of-a-kind home goods from incredibly skilled artisans in Taiwan and Japan. Anything from their shop will do as a last-minute gift (that you’ll likely want to keep for yourself), but we especially love the Hasami Porcelain Mug in black. Created from clay native to the Hasami region in Japan, the mug embodies a smoothness and richness in color and texture that can only be achieved with this traditional Hasami porcelain practice.

Native & Co. is powered by our Clay Template.




100% Chocolate Bar

If you don’t eat it yourself first, a chocolate bar from Ritual Chocolate is sure to delight anyone on your list (or anyone not on your list). Made from only one ingredient (100% cacao), the One Hundred Percent bar is pure chocolate containing a blend of flavors ranging from bitter and earthy to sweet, all in the same bite. Small enough to stash anywhere, we suggest buying one of each blend to keep on hand whenever you receive that surprise gift and need to give something in return.

Ritual Chocolate is powered by our Aubrey Template.

Gifts For...The Hustler

Gifts For...The Hustler