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Gifts For…The Spiritual Dabbler

Gifts For…The Spiritual Dabbler

Shopping for friends and family tends to get harder with each holiday season, but Squarespace customers are here to help you outdo last year’s gifts. We’ve sourced customers from around the globe that offer products for that niece who’s cooler than you, for the budding astrologist in your life, and more.

For your friend who is in tune with auras, who sends you a daily horoscope, and who always knows when Mercury is in retrograde.


Sound Mo(ve)ments Box Set 

A sound therapy experience with Sara Auster is the perfect solution for the person in your life in need of a little relaxation. The Sound Mo(ve)ments Box Set, which includes over 90 minutes of Auster’s meditation music, is the next best alternative to attending a class in person. Perfect for the budding meditator based outside of NYC, or one who prefers to be lulled to tranquility in the comfort of their own home.

Sara Auster is powered by the Native Template. 


The Witch Kit  

Show the modern-day sorcerer in your life that getting in touch with your spiritual side requires the proper tools. The Witch Kit from our new favorite shop, NYC Sunday Forever by Ashli Stockton, comes with sage, incense, a lighter, and a crystal—everything your favorite witch needs to bring a little magic to the holiday season.

Sunday Forever is powered by the Galapagos Template. 


Winter Getaway Kit

Why give one scent when you can give them all? This seasonal aromatherapy gift set is perfect for both experienced aromatherapy practitioners as well as those new to the scene. Offering five uniquely scented products, as well as other self-care essentials, the Winter Getaway Kit is created carefully by hand in the enchanted Marble + Milkweed studio.

Marble + Milkweed is powered by the Marta Template. 


Jade Rollers 

The ancient practice of using jade rollers to promote wellness and skincare is making a major comeback. Show your loved one that you’re keen on the latest in wellness trends by gifting a beautiful jade roller from Los Angeles-based Birchrose + Co. Not only will you be helping to improve their morning routine, but you’ll be supporting Beckah Jackman of Birchrose’s mission to promote natural and cruelty-free artisan products.

Birchrose + Co. is powered by the Marta Template. 


Hand Drawn Tarot Cards

Moons, stones, knives and feathers—these are all symbolic elements you’ll find in Casey Zabala’s stunning hand-drawn deck of tarot cards. Complete with a guidebook, this gift is perfect for a reader of any level, and aims to connect the user to their personal power through the art of manifestation.

Wanderer’s Tarot is powered by the Native Template. 


Gifts For...The Insta Star

Gifts For...The Insta Star

Local Customer Spotlight: Shopping with Australia's Makers + Creators

Local Customer Spotlight: Shopping with Australia's Makers + Creators