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Gifts For...The Insta Star

Gifts For...The Insta Star

Shopping for friends and family tends to get harder with each holiday season, but Squarespace customers are here to help you outdo last year’s gifts. We’ve sourced customers from around the globe that offer products for that niece who’s cooler than you, for the budding astrologist in your life, and more.

They know what’s hip with the kids these days, and are going to Instagram their new gift faster than you can say “hashtag.” From beautifully designed sneakers to a selfie-friendly spa day, these gifts are sure to delight both the recipient and the (virtual) masses.  


The Muse  

Forget every misconception of what a shower cap is supposed to be. With chic prints and moisture wicking fabric, these shower caps are not only perfect for that bathroom #selfie, but they’re also suitable for all hair types and volumes.

Shhhowercap is powered by our Developer Platform


Bath Bomb Holiday Box

These Da Bomb Bath Fizzers are a Boomerang waiting to happen. Give the gift of bathtime fun with a set of holiday themed fizzers in scents like Santa Bomb, Jingle Bomb, and Snow Ball. Created by super cool kidpreneurs Isabel and Caroline, your gift not only provides great Insta fuel, but also supports the next generation of movers and shakers.

Bath Bombs is powered by our Supply Template. 


Hip Hop Yoga Class

There’s no workout more Instagrammable than Y7’s beat-bumping, sweat-inducing, hip-hop yoga classes. Founded by husband and wife duo Sarah and Mason Levy, Y7 aims to redefine the yoga experience. What better way to do that than to turn the lights off and downward dog to the hottest hip-hop tracks?

Y7 Studio is powered by our Bedford Template


Issue 7

More than just a stylish prop for your next flat lay, Collective Quarterly dedicates each issue to exploring a new region of the world. A great coffee table addition for anyone looking for a little wanderlust.

Collective Quarterly Magazine is powered by our Bedford Template


Circle Low in Off-white/White Sneakers

For the person who posts an OOTD before they’ve even taken the tags off, you can do no wrong with a fresh new pair of sneakers from THEY, New York’s newest luxury sneaker designer. Made from Italian leather, and impeccably designed, the Circle Low is available in both men and women’s sizes, making it a perfectly ‘gramable gift for any oversharer in your life.

THEY is powered by our Clay Template.

Gifts For...The Dad Who Didn’t Know He Needed Anything

Gifts For...The Dad Who Didn’t Know He Needed Anything

Gifts For…The Spiritual Dabbler

Gifts For…The Spiritual Dabbler