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Spaces & Places: A Look Inside Denver's Creative Scene

Spaces & Places: A Look Inside Denver's Creative Scene

Denver's artistic and creative scene is diverse and thriving, grounded in environmentally friendly practices. Its supportive artistic community and range of studio spaces provides for a healthy creative practice for Denver natives as well as transplants.

Here are some of our favorite Squarespace customers of Denver’s creative scene:


Collin Parson

Collin Parson is an accomplished installation artist who uses light and color to create geometric installation works. As the Director of Galleries and Curator at Arvada Art Center & Humanities, Collin is not only a practicing artist, but also works to elevate other regional artists through exhibitions and festivals.

Collin Parson’s website is powered by the Forte Squarespace template.



Sandra Fettingis

Sandra Fettingis is a multidisciplinary artist, specializing in geometric murals and sculptures. A seasoned exhibitor, Sandra brings a unique eye to pattern-based work; clean, minimal design; and sharp composition to all of her projects. Our favorite piece is her wall mural at the Colorado Convention Center, created from painted acrylic panels.

Sandra Fettingis’ website is powered by the Ishimoto Squarespace template.



Liz Quan

Formerly working as an art director in New York City, Liz Quan moved to Denver to pursue her artistic talent and to study ceramics. She creates handcrafted porcelain objects which embody natural forms. She frequently experiments with texture and exhibits a clear focus on line and form. Bridging the gap between fine art and functional goods, Liz's white coral pendants, suspended light fixtures made up of tiny, individually sculpted pendants, creates an eye-catching, beautiful, and dramatic piece. 

Liz Quan’s site is powered by the Avenue Squarespace template.

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