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Local Customer Spotlight: Denver

Local Customer Spotlight: Denver

This week, we’re virtually visiting the Mile-High City—a place thriving with a solid creative scene, an outstanding food industry, and a beautiful landscape. With a growing focus on environmentalism, a number of diverse restaurant options, and strong values shaping the local scene, Denver is looking more and more enticing to those looking for a new creative community. We’ve assembled a few of our favorite local Denver businesses that embody the ethos that makes this city so unique.





Asbury Provisions

After tiring of what they called a “homogenous dining experience” in Denver, owners Chris Topham, Jason Ladd, and Kelsey Montague decided to open an establishment all their own. Asbury Provisions is owner operated, meaning you can find these folks behind the bar on any given night offering craft beer, cocktails, and delicious appetizers served up in jars. Their weekend brunch menu and extensive beverage list (25 rotating beers on tap!) have earned them acclaim as one of the best new spots in Denver, and we can’t wait to try it out.

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Green Seed Market

This health-forward eatery offers juices made from local produce, delectable veggie bowls, and hearty salads. Located in the Central Market, Green Seed also supplies their neighboring vendors with fresh produce. Whether you’ve noticed fresh herbs in your cocktail or crisp greens in your sandwich, you’re likely to taste Green Seed making their mark. In addition to bringing healthy options to the market, the Green Seed team is also environmentally responsible, making sure to compost their food waste and donate leftover food to the community.

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Curio Bar

Owned by the same power couple who operates Green Seed Market, husband and wife duo Stephen Julia and Katsumi Yuso Ruiz supply Central Market visitors with seasonal cocktails. Previously working in Mexico City as small-batch bitters crafters, Stephen and Katsumi truly understand how to make a drink taste delightful while offering exceptional service. Said to have a hand in reviving the food hall vibe in Denver, the dynamic team at Curio Bar should be saluted for offering great products with attention to detail.

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Silva’s Fish Market

Also residing in the Central Market, Silva’s is one of the most trusted local sources of fresh seafood. Started by celebrated sushi chef Jesus Silva, who brought his skill for California cuisine to the Denver culinary scene, they offer market seafood, prepared tostadas, oysters, and ceviches. Silva’s offers a unique and esteemed option for Denver locals, as fresh seafood can be hard to come by.

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Hudson Hill

Local press can’t get enough of Hudson Hill as one of the hottest new bars in Denver. Serving up local coffee and breakfast by day and craft cocktails by night in their beautifully-designed, airy space, Hudson Hill provides the perfect atmosphere for young creatives and business owners to relax.

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Bellwether Denver

If you’ve ever yearned for a cafe, a whiskey bar, a barbershop, a retail shop, and a venue all under one roof, then Bellwether is a dream come true. The idea for this space was born from a desire to cultivate a place for community members to flourish, and it has continued to expand. For a low monthly fee, you can even become a member of the social club, gaining access to a co-working space, $1 coffees, and entry to special events. Where do we sign up?

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Bruz Beers

Breweries and great beer are an important staple of the Denver culinary scene. Breweries here are also proud to serve as community anchors. After meeting at a Belgian beer tasting, owners Charlie Gottenkieny and Ryan Evans decided to start their own brewery to serve fresh Belgian-style beer made with the highest-quality ingredients they can find. Practicing sustainability in everything they do, the Bruz team even donate their leftover grains and hops to local farmers.

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The Bumblebee

After working in France as a pastry chef, Lora Storke decided to open a business where she could blend heirloom French recipes with modern treats. After retrofitting an adorable 1962 petite P-30 van, she launched her mobile dessert truck. You can book the Bumblebee truck for your next event to bring Lora’s dessert creations to you.

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The GrowHaus

With social responsibility at the heart of everything they do, the GrowHaus is a nonprofit organization, indoor farm, and food distributor. Using hydroponic and aquaponic farming methods, the GrowHaus manages to harvest healthy produce year round which is distributed to local markets as affordable food boxes to the community, and as free cooking classes and workshops which aim to educate the public on healthy eating.

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Denver Flea

A contemporary marketplace showcasing makers, artisans, and retailers, the Denver Flea is a beloved local staple, and something Denver residents look forward to every season. The Flea is held at different locations throughout the city and is complete with music, food trucks, and seasonal cocktails. This marketplace is your best bet to see the breadth of what Denver has to offer.

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