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Local Customer Spotlight: Shopping with Australia's Makers + Creators

Local Customer Spotlight: Shopping with Australia's Makers + Creators

At Squarespace, we see beautiful sites that show off our Australian customers’ impeccable design sense and great taste. In addition to beautifully detailed physical spaces like boutiques and shops, there are countless establishments that channel this stylistic sense into an experiential online presence. We’ve rounded up an amazing selection of shops that are using Squarespace to sell their goods, which means you don’t have to travel to Australia to find your favorite souvenir! From luxury handbags to prepared meals, these businesses are sure to delight, proving yet again that our Aussie friends are on point.


Studio 11:11

Annabel and Marijne were working together as interior designers when they set out to make the perfect leather bag. Not being able to find one in stores that they loved, their successful creation ended up becoming a wardrobe staple for both of them. When their coworkers started to place orders for bags of their own, they decided to launch a business. As of this summer, both Annabel and Marijne have decided to pursue their passion as a full-time venture. Channeling their roots as interior designers, they create gorgeous, minimal leather goods and purses by mocking up each piece using CAD and other architectural software the way they would approach designing a house or physical space. The result is a collection of stunning, functional pieces with sharp angles that exude sculptural intelligence.

Studio 11:11 is powered by the Galapagos Squarespace template.


Wawa Chocolatier

Specializing in small-batch, handmade chocolate bars, Wawa Chocolatier takes the meaning of sophisticated flavor to a whole new level. Founded by Jade Anderson, a watermelon farmer turned chocolate maker, Wawa began after Jade moved from a rural community to Melbourne, and craved a new business adventure. After solidifying her business plan, she teamed up with designer friends who helped her create her gorgeous packaging and branding. “Lavender Honeycomb & Cocoa Nibs” is our favorite flavor, but we suggest that you to try them all and find yours!

Wawa is powered by the Brine Squarespace template.



Tuckbox was founded by brothers Daniel and Anthony de Groot, industrial designer and engineer, respectively. Located in north Melbourne, Tuckbox prioritizes simplistic design and locally sourced materials to make their furniture and other custom pieces. Their pieces are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, covering a range of items, from tables and shelving to seating and experimental design.

Tuckbox is powered by the Bedford Squarespace template.


Kitsu offers one-of-a-kind, handcrafted polymer clay jewelry by Melbourne designer Jessica Maree. Produced locally and ethically, each piece is unique, yet fits beautifully into a broader, cohesive color palette. Using geometric forms and simple curves as the impetus for her designs, Jessica’s pieces for Kitsu emanate nature, yet exude modernity. The polymer makeup allows each piece to be waterproof, shock-resistant, and durable, ensuring that your pieces will last.

Kitsu is powered by the Montauk Squarespace template.


Ghost Wares

Based in Melbourne, Ghost Wares is a ceramics studio that offers elegant and functional clay objects. After taking pottery classes together as a weekend hobby, owners Matthew Vrettas and Stephanie Yap realized that they had discovered a creative outlet to channel their mutual love for design. Once people began to show interest in their pieces, the couple decided to try their hand at starting a business. Since 2016, Ghost Wares has existed in virtual form through their website, where they can allow customers to purchase their products and learn more about the business. In their shop, you’ll find a selection of calming, muted hues and handmade objects that can be used for daily, but will also bring an element of sophistication and beauty to your kitchen shelf.

Ghost Wares is powered by the Wexley Squarespace template.


Mr. Paw

After searching far and wide for an eco-friendly dog shampoo and coming up short, Danni Dias set out to create her own. Ethically produced and all natural, Mr. Paw Conditioning Shampoo will leave your pup silky and clean. Any busy pet owner is sure to appreciate that this product is 2-in-1, meaning that it shampoos and conditions in one step, saving both time and stress. Lasting up to 20 washes, Mr. Paw is full of essential oils and extracts that are both safe for your best friend, and will cover your aromatherapy needs.

Mr. Paw is powered by the Brine Squarespace template.


Two Good

After hosting barbeques in Sydney for the homeless that offered nutritious food, Rob Caslick and Cathal Flaherty recognized the need for healthy options for the less fortunate. Gaining popularity amongst their clients, they decided to open Australia’s first organic soup kitchen. In 2015, these two friends expanded the kitchen to their current business model at Two Good, where for every food product that is bought, one is donated to a victim of domestic violence. Two Good now uses their Squarespace site to allow clients to purchase prepared meals online that are delivered to them just in time for their morning cereal or lunch break. Maintaining the buy-one, give-one model with online sales, the team is able to offer more consistent donations with just a few clicks. Two Good also keeps the environment top of mind, packaging their meals in reusable glass jars and ensuring that 80% of all deliveries are made by bicycle. Additionally, victims of domestic violence are employed at the company, and they’ve embarked on countless collaborations with other community organizations. If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, check out their deliverable breakfast and lunch options. And if you’re not, you can still donate a meal to someone in need here.

Two Good is powered by a template similar to the Brine Squarespace template.

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