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Local Customer Spotlight: Shopping in the UK

Local Customer Spotlight: Shopping in the UK

There’s no shortage of incredible shopping options in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re looking for an alluring in-person boutique experience or a quick online purchase, our friends in the UK have you covered. We’ve assembled a list of both physical and digital shopping spaces on Squarespace that offer a variety of goods, from sweet treats to fascinating furniture.



Native & Co.

Located in the celebrated Notting Hill neighborhood of London, Native & Co. is a curated homeware shop with artisan-made goods from Japan and Taiwan. Founded by Sharon Jo-Yun Hung and Chris Yoshiro Green, this boutique sources wares directly from traditional craftspeople, aiming to bring simple and elegant objects to their London customers. In addition to being a resource for graceful furniture and homegoods, Native & Co. also hosts workshops and tea ceremonies. Their most recent project called “Wu” presented Taiwanese tea culture as a part of a modern lifestyle by offering tea brewing sessions in the space. If you can’t make it to the shop in person, peruse their site for a plethora of items at accessible price points.

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Grain & Knot

In 2014, London-based Sophie Sellu left her job in trend forecasting to pursue an artistic outlet and work with her hands. And so, Grain & Knot was born. This hand-carved wooden home and kitchen goods line, made from reclaimed timber, maintains a simple and functional design. Sophie works with the natural twists and turns of the wood she uses, not against them. In addition to a fully-stocked shop of utensils and accessories that are sure to delight, Sophie also offers spoon-carving workshops and events so that you can learn to craft some beauties of your own.

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Solid Wool

Buckfastleigh, England is a town in South Devon traditionally known for wool manufacturing. The team behind Solid Wool found a truly innovative way to revisit these roots and bring the wool market back to their hometown. Husband and wife team Justin and Hannah Floyd have developed a new way of working with wool which transforms the shearling from hill-farmed sheep into a strong, durable, fibreglass-like material. Your eyes won’t believe that their sturdy and attractive furniture is in fact made from wool.

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Nicole and Petra Kapitza, the sisters behind the multi-disciplinary design studio Kapitza, share a deep love of geometric design and color. Born in Germany, these innovative sisters studied art education and design before relocating to London to launch their studio. In 2008, the publication of their book “Geometric” sparked a resurgence in geometric design and illustration, rendering Kapitza a trendsetting brand. Tackling everything from interior design to high fashion, they have an online shop where you can acquire patterned home goods and accessories for the design enthusiast in your life.

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Ocelot Chocolate

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Ocelot Chocolate was founded by husband and wife duo Matt and Ish Broadbent who left their jobs as chefs to pursue their ultimate dream of creating pure, organic, ethical, and delicious chocolate. Their ingredients are sourced with sustainable and fair-trade practices in mind, leaving your chocolate bar not only of the highest quality in taste, but also guilt free. The team complement each other nicely as they combine Ish’s illustration skills and Matt’s keen eye as a design aficionado to create their beautiful packaging. Dream team? We think so.  

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Rural Kind

Another dynamite husband and wife team, Mike Watt and Nia Wood worked as an architect and baker respectively, and left their jobs in the city to move to rural Wales in pursuit of starting their own business. They ultimately created Rural Kind, a handmade leather and cloth goods line crafted from locally sourced materials. From leather backpacks and pencil cases to waxed canvas reusable lunch bags, Rural Kind offers highly functional and beautiful products. Their goods will last the test of time, and yes, they ship internationally!

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Dick Pearce & Friends Bellyboards

Based in Cornwall, England, a surfing hub of the UK, Dick Pearce offers handmade and affordable wooden bellyboards. A first of its kind in the UK, the company was developed by Dick Pearce, a local tannery owner who was inspired by bellyboarding surfers on the beaches of Cornwall and decided to experiment with making them himself in the family workshop. Many years later, the business was brought online to make the perfect gear for this adventurous pastime widely available.

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