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Local Customer Spotlight: UK Fashion

Local Customer Spotlight: UK Fashion

The United Kingdom is a region flourishing with exceptional fashion options and innovative designers. With sharp attention to detail, a focus on hand-crafted goods, and timeless fashion, local designers strive for quality over quantity. This standard of excellence rings true as UK’s makers and entrepreneurs transform their brick and mortar shops into stunning digital storefronts. We’ve compiled some of our top picks for fashion and accessory brands in the UK that you won’t be able to resist. These brands have all created a stellar online presence by showcasing their inventive products on Squarespace Commerce shops, enabling them to share their vision with the world.



Ottowin Footwear

Hailing from Bristol, Ottowin is a handmade, limited-edition footwear company created by Lucy Lloyd and Oliver Cross. After leaving the fashion production industry, Lucy decided to pursue a more personal, small-scale endeavor that would not only allow her to create quality goods, but also limit waste. Contrastly, Oliver studied art and design and was an early founder of Loft6D, an artist collective and studio space (and Squarespace customer!) where the Ottowin studio is housed today. Their varied backgrounds give this dynamic team the ability to create beautiful, locally-sourced leather shoes and accessories completely by hand that are like functional pieces of art. Their footwear is unisex and durable, and with their resoling and repair services, it is sure to stand the test of time.

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Instrmnt is a design studio and watch company in Glasgow, Scotland. When Ross Baynham and Pete Sunderland graduated from art school together, they decided to create a company that offers minimalist, high-quality goods at reasonable prices. Their watches are simple, sleek and ripe with both inspiration and functionality. Stocked all over the world in places like Tokyo, Antwerp, Toronto, and London, you may find a watch on your travels, but we suggest checking out their site to choose your favorite.

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Hancock is an exclusive, handmade line of rubber-bonded coats in Glasgow, Scotland. Inspired by Thomas Hancock, a 19th-century inventor who first patented rubber vulcanization, Hancock employs this waterproofing process to make their cotton, wool, and silk outerwear completely moisture resistant. Using traditional tools and completing most steps by hand, the process of vulcanizing their beautiful garments makes them sleek, long-lasting, and local-weather appropriate. In addition to their durability, Hancock coats are designed to be classic, gorgeous closet staples that will pair well with almost anything for years to come.

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We Do Nothing

If you’re searching for ethical and well-made organic clothing, look no further than We Do Nothing. Offering everything from super-soft bamboo t-shirts for warmer weather to 100% merino wool knit caps for chilly seasons, this Cornwall-based company aims to cover all bases. Their clothing is audited by the Fair Wear Foundation, a nonprofit that assists clothing brands in ensuring that conditions are suitable and safe for the workers who make their clothing. Founded by two friends who wanted to make ethical clothing more accessible to everyone, We Do Nothing is a testament to the fact that sustainability can also be stylish.

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