Gifts For...The Travel Enthusiast

Whether it’s a cozy cabin upstate or a beachside retreat, the only way you can keep up with this friend is through their geotags. Join in on their adventures with a destination in mind or help them get organized with these travel necessities.

Gifts For...The Insta Star

They know what’s hip with the kids these days, and are going to Instagram their new gift faster than you can say “hashtag.”. From beautifully designed sneakers to a selfie-friendly spa day, these gifts are sure to delight both the recipient and the (virtual) masses.  

Local Customer Spotlight: Shopping with Australia's Makers + Creators

At Squarespace, we see beautiful sites that show off our Australian customers’ impeccable design sense and great taste. In addition to beautifully detailed physical spaces like boutiques and shops, there are countless establishments that channel this stylistic sense into an experiential online presence. We’ve rounded up an amazing selection of shops that are using Squarespace to sell their goods, which means you don’t have to travel to Australia to find your favorite souvenir! From luxury handbags to prepared meals, these businesses are sure to delight, proving yet again that our Aussie friends are on point.

The Story Behind The Site: Nathan Hunter of Fluffë

Nathan Hunter started his company “on accident” while creating an application for design school. Three years later, Fluffë has grown into an incredibly inspiring cotton candy (or as our Aussie friends say, “Fairy Floss”) company, that delights not only with its distinctive flavors, but also with its beautiful packaging. A one-man show, Nathan is a young entrepreneur who takes care of every aspect of running his business, including the branding, design, website upkeep, and even making the delicious creations. With flavors like Boys’ Tears and Rose, Fluffë is a testament to the power of taking a classic product and making it magical. By bringing cotton candy out of the traditional fair and festival environment and using his Squarespace site to allow his customers to have it shipped right to their door, he’s changing the game for a product that we didn’t even know we loved so much.

Local Customer Spotlight: Exploring Melbourne's Emerging Music Scene

Known as an indie rock hub, Melbourne, Australia is home to countless unconventional and emerging musicians. Covering a wide variety of genres, the Australian music scene is ever-evolving and multifaceted. This week, we’re sharing a couple of our favorite musicians that you’ll want to keep your eye (and ears) on. In addition to climbing the charts, these performers utilize killer Squarespace websites to create personal branding, share their musical creations, and keep their fans up to date.

Local Customer Spotlight: Shopping in the UK

There’s no shortage of incredible shopping options in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re looking for an alluring in-person boutique experience or a quick online purchase, our friends in the UK have you covered. We’ve assembled a list of both physical and digital shopping spaces on Squarespace that offer a variety of goods, from sweet treats to fascinating furniture.

The Story Behind The Site: Casquette

London-based Casquette is a quarterly print publication geared toward female cyclists. The magazine launched in 2016 with the goal of getting more women into cycling and making the sport all inclusive and less intimidating. Since the launch, Casquette has maintained these ethos, aiming to demystify bicycling and foster a supportive community of riders.

The Story Behind The Site: The Hardihood

After giving up sugar together as a New Year’s resolution in 2015, flatmates Daisy and Leah founded The Hardihood as a solution for the lack of healthy dessert options on the market. They now create beautiful raw vegan cakes and desserts in London. They published their first cookbook in March of 2017 which includes recipes that are free of refined sugar, gluten, dairy, wheat, and soy. By archiving their visually stunning and delicious confections on their Squarespace site—ultimately sharing their vision with the world—Daisy and Leah are working to redefine what it means to eat healthily.

Local Customer Spotlight: UK Fashion

Join us as we cross the pond to visit our friends in the United Kingdom, a region flourishing with exceptional fashion options and innovative designers. With sharp attention to detail, a focus on hand-crafted goods, and timeless fashion, local designers strive for quality over quantity. We’ve compiled some of our top picks for fashion and accessory brands in the UK that you won’t be able to resist. These brands have all created a stellar online presence by showcasing their inventive products on Squarespace Commerce shops, enabling them to share their vision with the world.